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​.     Please Understand We are a       Sanctuary & NOT Animal Control
   We have No Authority to Catch,
 Trap or Chase Loose Dogs & Cats      You need to contact your local       Animal Control for these issues,                          Thanks 
             Up Coming Projects 
                  .Goat World.                  
Coming to an open field near you!!!!
Everyone keeps asking what is next for the Sanctuary! So upon much thought (& cuteness of these precious animals)
We are creating a safe and fun place for future goat residents!!
Donations are needed to purchase special fencing for goats, our Volunteers have cleared the area, the gates and posts were donated already, We have the people power to put it up, all we need is the Goat Fencing! If you would like to Donate to Goat World   we have a Go Fund Me page and PayPal and it is now Tax Deductible as we are an Official 501c3 Non Profit Organization !!! 


Spot light on our Animals !!
This is Snickers, Due to bad genetics she was born with no eye lids, corneal abrasions and an ulcer in 1 eye. She has been adopted and is living a great life with one or our Donors. She is living a full fun healthy life now and we see no issues in her future. 


Donor of the month!!
Thank you !!!
Bertie & Tom. 
Your donation helps more than you know! 

Sponsor of the month!!

This is Debbie!!

She sponsors one of our PERMANENT Residents Sara Girl a Goffin Cockatoo! Sara Girl doesn't go without anything thanks to Deb!!!!

             These are some of our permanent Sanctuary Residents
Would you  like to Be a Super Star??
Sponsor an
Animal !!!!!
We have several animals that are looking for a loving family to sponsor them, love them and show them off!!! You don't need to live here to love them. For more info check our sponsor Page 
  • animal rescue rehab rehabilitation


  • Farm abused sanctuary animals nonprofit


  • abandoned neglected Donate vegan

 Up Coming Events
      We will update this with our next Event once we Have the Information Check Back!!!!


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